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  No. 81

Libor Zbořil

  • Born: July 7, 1801
  • Died: April 21, 1876
  • Parents: Karel Zbořil and Eleonora Vaca

Petronilla Wykrautil (Vykroutilová)

  • Born: About 1824
  • Died:
  • Parents: Josef Wykrautil/Vykroutil and Mariana Milarek/Milárková

Married: May 25, 1857,Příkazy, Moravia, Austria

Children: Petronila Zbořilová


Libor Zbořil was a 57 year old widower when he married 33 year old Petronilla Wykrautil. I do not have any information about Libor's first marriage or any other children. Before marrying Libor, Petronilla lived in Příkazy in house no. 81. It is pictured above. Příkazy is about 12 kilometers from the city of Olomouc. It is a Czech speaking village where a unique dialect is still spoken.

The lowlands along the Moravia River in the heart of Moravia where the Zbořil's lived is called Haná. A Haná farmstead consisted of several sections. The longer side of the farm house usually faced the street. Attached to the rear of the house and running upright to it were sheds and stables. The farmsteads were often built attached to one another so their fronts made a continuous row running paralle to the road.