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Thomas Mildenhall/Mendenhall

  • Born: 1630
  • Died: July 5,1682; Berkshire, England
  • Parents:

Jone Stroud

  • Born: May 6, 1631; Baydon, Wiltshire, England
  • Died: 1689
  • Parents: Anthony Stroud and Margery Barley

Married: August 12, 1649; Aldbourne Parish, Wiltshire, England



  • Thomas Mildenhall
  • John Mildenhall
  • Benjamin Mildenhall
  • Stephen Mildenhall
  • Moses Mildenhall
  • Mary Mildenhall
  • Margery Mildenhall
  • Joane Mildenhall

Thomas Mildenhall's marriage on Aug 12, 1649 to Joan stroude in the Aldbourne church, and his death are recorded in the parish registers of the county of Wiltshire. Thomas was reported to the authorities in 1662 and 1664 as a recusant, one refusing to take communion in the Church of England. He is not listed in Quaker records as having been imprisoned and therefore may have conformed as far as paying tithes to the Church, which was the subject of Quaker passive resistance.

In his last years he seems to have connected himself with the Ramsbury Church because he was buried there and just before that he is recorded on the church rolls for giving a special gift to the church alms house. His home, however, like all his family, was at Marridge Hill.

His will may be read here.