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Johann Kippels

Katharina Eisenkramer

  • Born:
  • Died:
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Married: August 3, 1844, Immekeppel, Cologne, Germany


  • Bruno Kippels
  • Wilhelm Kippels
  • Gustav Kippels
  • Albin Kippels
  • Bertha Kippels
  • Julianne Kippels
  • Otto Heinrich Kippels
  • Edmund Kippels



Translation of Obituary of Wilhelm Kippels
Received from Annette Bitto Kiss, first cousin of Horace Kippels and Maria Kippels Bitto, youngest sister of Otto Kippels

For Holy Remembrance of Well Respected Mister Wilhelm Kippels, Landowner

Who in the Shore Parish of Immekeppel on 14 January 1866, 10o'clock in the evening, following a chronic and painful abdomen ailment, died early with the consolation of the Holy Catholic Church, slumbered over to a better life and easily devoted to God.

The deceased was born at the Shore in the year 1806, married in the spring of 1827 to Agnes Schonenberg and lived with her in happy, blessed marriage until 24 April, 1839 when he had to mourn the death of his beloved spouse. After many years of pain a a widower, he married on 3 August 1844, Katharina Eisenkramer.

A deeply religious mind animated the deceased from youth on through this entire life. He fulfilled not only faithfully and conscientiously his entire Christian obligations, but also appeared in the eyes of all that knew him, a careful spouse and father. Practical, circumspect and conscientious as a businessman, he was at the same time an honest fellow citizen full of love for the needy. As he was universally esteemed as a companion so also he will give all a deep feeling of loss, since his death leaves two children from his first marriage and with his living widow leaves eight yet uneducated children. May there be some consolation in these words which the dying Patriarch Jacob called back to his children, "See, I die, but God will be with you."

On his casket his widow, ten children and eight grandchildren mourn, which the sacrifice of the priest and the prayers of the believers recommend his soul so that it may rest in eternal peace.