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Gerhard Johann Terway

  • Born: April 4, 1818, Vreden, Westphalia
  • Died: Meire Grove, Minnesota
  • Parents: Kasper Terway and Anna Benking

Joanne Gertrude Leuker

  • Born: August 4, 1818, Vreden, Westphalia
  • Died: 1867, Minnesota
  • Parents: Johann Heinrich Leuker and Anna Maria Elsbeck

Married: October 25, 1842, Vreden, Westphalia


  • Gertrude Terway
  • Maru Terway
  • John Terway
  • Henry George Terway
  • Susan Terway
  • Christine Terway
  • Barney M. Terway
  • Anna Terway


According to The History of Stearns County, pp. 671-672, the Terway family came to America in 1846 from Gaxel Kirchspiel in Vreden. Gerhard, Joanne, and their daughter Gertrude traveled with Gerhard's brother Johann Bernard and his wife Anna Mary. The ocean voyage lasted 14 weeks.

The family lived in Burlington, Wisconsin for a time, then located to Meire Grove, Minnesota (Stearns County). Gerhard Johann (John) died a short time after his arrival in Stearns County. Joanne Gertrude later married Henry Kreager.