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  Annie edwin

Edwin Ross

Mary Anna Terway Daley ("Anna")

Married: November 27, 1902; Bemidji, Minnesota



  • Dorothy Irene Ross
  • Loretta Bell Ross
  • Lloyd Henry Ross
  • Leona Mary Ross
  • Edward Lamont Ross

Edwin Ross married Mary Anna Terway Daley (Annie) on November 27, 1902. At the time of their marriage, Annie was a 28-year-old widow with 3 children: Martin (age 9), Agnes (age 8) and Ruth (age 3). Annie’s first husband was John Daley. They married about 1891, probably in Stevens County, Minnesota. John and Annie moved from Stevens County in the fall of 1895 and eventually settled in Bemidji, Minnesota. John was a hotel proprietor and he died of consumption in April 1900. Grandma Leona told me that Annie ran a restaurant; in the 1900 census, she was listed as “hotel proprietress”. Annie’s sister, Mary Terway (age 22) lived with Annie and took care of the children. Edwin was a carpenter who traveled for jobs—perhaps he met Annie when he was a guest at the hotel where she worked.

Edwin and Annie had 5 children: Dorothy Irene (born September 1, 1904), Loretta Bell (born September 14, 1906), Lloyd Henry (born March 9, 1909), Leona Mary (my grandmother, born December 11, 1910), and Edwin Lamont (born November 25, 1912). Dorothy and Loretta were born in Bemidji. The remaining children were born in Beaulieu. Annie’s father, Henry Terway, bought land in Beaulieu in 1906 and Edwin and Annie lived in the house next to the Terway’s.

Annie died March 19, 1918, just 3 weeks after her father died. Her cause of death was listed as salpingitis. She was 44 years old. She left behind Edwin (age 49), Martin (age 26), Agnes (age 23), Ruth (age 19), Dorothy (age 13), Loretta (age 11), Lloyd (age 9), Leona (age 7) and Lamont (age 5). Leona recalled how the younger children were sent to stay with the Muir’s (Aunt Lucy and Uncle Lank) in Inkster, North Dakota for a while after their mother’s death. Inkster was 130 miles from Beaulieu.

Edwin died May 18, 1932 in Minneapolis. He was 64 years old and was living with his daughter Dorothy at the time. His cause of death was listed as epilepsy. Grandma Leona recalled he often had “fits”. He is buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in Minneapolis.